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Back2Life Wellness and Rehab provides high quality physiotherapy treatment services in Mississauga to accommodate the needs of its clients in the best possible way. Our physiotherapists work with their patients to maximize their physical potential and to maintain and restore the movement and functionality of their body. Treatment is provided as per the individual assessment of the patient and may include exercises, usage of appropriate walking aids, massages and other daily activities.

Back2life Wellness and Rehab Services:

  1. Physiotherapy treatments comprising manual therapy, spinal decompression / traction, injury-specific exercise therapy, therapeutic training, post-surgical rehabilitation, and acupuncture.
  2. Massage therapy.
  3. Rehabilitation programs include hourly sessions and customised active rehabilitation.


The use of physiotherapy is proven in the treatment of injuries and physical conditions to regain and maintain optimal function. Treatments that are employed by the physiotherapists at Back2 Life involve a range of practices such as massages, application of heat or electricity and utilizations of devices such as walkers and crutches.


Chiropractic is a technique associated with manipulation of spine to ensure correct alignment though it has proven to be useful for many other conditions as well. With our state-of-the-art techniques we provide advanced spinal correction and manipulation to alleviate pain and increase overall health. Our trained care providers will develop a treatment plan tailored to meet your specific needs and issue to get you back to normal.


Osteopathic treatment may be helpful for back and neck pain, headaches and sporting injuries as well as for a range of other complaints. Our osteopathic physicians also talk to their patients about their lifestyles and goals, working with their patients to keep their bodies healthy and in shape so that they will not get sick.


This procedure is designed to release blocked energy and address imbalances in the body which may cause ill health. Back2Life Wellness and Rehab provides acupuncture treatment to its patients for both acute and chronic conditions. This technique helps to relieve pain, headaches, treat nerve conditions, mitigate asthma, and address nausea and vomiting. It is also useful for conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain, cramps, fibromyalgia and the pain of arthritis.

Pain and Injury Treatment

Pain from an injury or disease usually subsides following medical care or disappears spontaneously. This type of pain is unresponsive to conventional treatments. Specialists at Back2Life Wellness and Rehab address these issues with a multi-disciplinary team skilled in managing chronic pain.


We offer massage therapy services at Back2Life Wellness and Rehab clinic. The benefits of massage therapy are well documented and can be effective in the treatment of injuries, stress, anxiety and pregnancy. Our trained massage therapists will assess your physical and mental condition and develop a treatment plan to return you to a state of wellness.


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