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Active Isolated Stretching

We have long known the value of stretching muscles and joints to achieve flexibility and mobility. There are many types of stretching or flexibility exercises that are practiced today. A common type is static stretching, where you hold a stretch, for sometimes up to a minute. Another type is ballistic (bouncing) stretching. These types of […]

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Exercising after knee replacement

Following a knee replacement, many people experience pain, discomfort as well as decreased range of motion. All of this makes the task of exercising very daunting. However, if you want to return to your prior level of functioning, while at the same time saving your knee, your best option is to begin exercising as soon […]

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Exercise programs

Exercise prescription forms an integral part of most physiotherapy rehabilitation program. Exercise is essential to recovery from sports injuries, following surgery, after an acute trauma such as from a fall or fracture, in the management of acute and chronic low back pain, neck pain and headaches and in the treatment of long term conditions such […]

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Skiing injuries

Skiing injuries are quite common, especially among occasional skiers. Most injuries occur as a result of falls; concussions, shoulder injuries and fractures being the most common. Other skiing injuries include ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) tears and thumb injuries. Many skiing injuries can be avoided by embarking on a conditioning program before you begin the season, […]

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Iliotibial band friction syndrome

The Iliotibial (IT) band is the thick sheath of connective tissue that runs from the pelvis to along the outside of the thigh and attaches to the top of the shinbone (tibia). It acts to extend (straighten) the leg and abduct the hip (move it sideways). As this band passes over the bony part on […]

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Neurological problems

Neurological problems stem from a wide range of conditions relating to defects in the function of the brain, spinal cord and nerves. Neurological problems may manifest themselves in difficulty in walking, abnormal muscle tone, poor co-ordination, decreased sensation, perceptual problems, muscle weakness and a host of other symptoms, depending on the nature and scope of […]

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Many types of accidents occur in the home and elsewhere because of a lack of safety. Many hospital beds are filled with patients who fell, burned, cut, poisoned or injured themselves as a result of unsafe practices. In many cases these accidents could have been avoided if these people were aware of and implemented proper […]

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