Mission Statements

Mission statements of Back2Life wellness and rehabilitation services are design to improve and maintain physical strength of individuals. Whether you are a former patient or new client you can benefit from our personalised wellness programs. Furthermore, Either you want to achieve a specific wellness goal or just want to enjoy effective exercise program in a healthy environment, a physiotherapist supervised wellness program is just right for you. Mot importantly, Our aim is to help those who want to improve their health through exercise. We can safely start an exercise program by identifying and resolving specific muscle imbalances, flexibility, strength or balance issues that might prevent you from reaching your goal.

Mission of Back2life

Your initial evaluation will consist of a thorough evaluation and assessment of your problem. First of all You and your therapist will determine your goals and treatment program. Furthermore, you will be educated about your problem and your specific treatment approach. The goal of our wellness program is to help people transition from rehabilitation to a lifestyle promoting functional fitness and healthy habits.

Revitalize Life energies in synergy with Back2life Wellness and Rehab

Vision of Back2life Wellness

To meet the healthcare needs of the society by providing high quality, comprehensive care with licensed, experienced and competent professionals with high standards of practice, moral ethics and professional values.

Community Benefit: Our team is committed to deliver high quality services to benefit community,

Respect: Dignity of the patients, health care professionals, staff and community will remain at top during provision of all kind of services.

Multicultural Care: All services will be catered keeping multicultural values (religion, belief, ethnicity & language) in view

Expertise: Hiring of only licensed health care professionals to providing their expert services

Teamwork: Enhancing team work through the acknowledgement, active participation and trust. Overall Back2life wellness envision to provide services that matters to our customers in Toronto, Brampton and Mississauga.



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